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Lessons can take many different forms. Here are some popular lesson types, but remember you can choose your own learning path.

Mixed skills lessons include reading, listening, speaking and writing. These lessons can follow a huge range of topics. Some students select topics themselves, while others follow like me to select a range of topics. Recent courses have looked at wellness, animals in English speaking countries, AI developments, homes and football. 

Parallel Lines

 Integrated Skills 

Antique Volumes


Poetry courses are popular as they expose learners to new uses of language. Some students follow a set course which covers English and American poetry from Romanticism to contemporary authors. Some students select their own authors

and texts for joint study. 

Some students focus on speaking practice. Others follow an integrated skills preparation course. 


Cambridge B2

Students Taking Exams

GCSE Preparation

Students preparing to attend Year 10 in a UK school can follow a course to prepare for GCSE English, History, Geography and/or Science. This gives them confidence in starting out in the British school system

This option depends on your academic journey. Recently I have supported a Master's student in the art field, a secondary student writing historical fiction, and a professional writing reports in a high stakes environment.

I also help students prepare personal statements for application British universities

Academic Library

Academic Writing Consultation

Speaking Practice


Some students learn best by speaking. These lessons can involve a topic which can be prepared for in advance. Alternatively, free speaking is a fantastic way to improve your vocabulary, pronunciation and confidence

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