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Download the free resources below to help you on

your English language journey.


Reference Resources

Passive Tense Examples

Download this simple table to see

an example passive sentence in each tense.

Verb Tenses and Aspects

Download this simple table to see an example of

each simple tense and future and perfect aspect.

Phonemic Chart

Download this chart to see the phonemes (sounds) of English pronunication. 

Download this simple chart to see

the 4 conditional structures. 

Pronunciation of ed endings

Download the document and

watch the mini-lesson video.

Verb Subject Agreement

Download this simple chart to see

pronoun subject verb agreement patterns.  

Exam Information

Information about English language exams. 

Introduction to IELTS video.


Follow these self-guided grammar lessons for explanations of key grammar points. 




Essay Writing Mini-Course

Follow these self guided lessons to improve your essay writing. 

Descriptive Writing Course

10 short, self-access lessons to support school-aged students with descriptive writing. 

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