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Academic Support Tutor


Learning happens when students feel safe, supported and seen. I can individually support students studying in the British education system from Secondary to University level. I can help students to:

  • access learning materials provided by their institution;

  •  develop learning strategies;

  •  improve written responses;

  • and grow in confidence.

My Approach

I have over a decade of experience supporting students in secondary schools and universities in the South West of England. I have developed a coaching approach to building confidence in students on a one to one basis. I get to know students so that I can help them connect with subjects in a meaningful way. This approach is about creating a lifelong positive relationship to learning. The focus is on a student's identity as a learner rather than simply memorizing information. Students can develop strategies for learning that work for them and which they can apply across different subjects. I apply my research into disciplinary literacy to help students understand the types of written responses required by different subjects. This type of support uses materials from the student's current school or university course.


Lessons can be booked as a single hour for a particular assignment, or as a series of lessons to build learner confidence and success over time. 

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